1. Minimal taxes. No capital gains tax. Very low income tax, stamp duty and transfer tax.
  2. Any foreigner can purchase a condominium in their own name (subject to basic background checks).
  3. No floor or ceiling on price limit or number of condominiums a foreigner can purchase.
  4. It is relatively hassle-free to remit funds in and out of Thailand for property transactions, as long as you declare all transactions.
  5. Tremendous growth potential backed by strong local demand (80-90% of condominium buyers are local) and a large expatriate/retiree community.
  6. High potential for capital appreciation, especially in Bangkok. Some areas in Bangkok have doubled in value over the past 5 years (for more information, refer to CBRE property report: http://www.cbre.co.th/en/SubServices/bangkok-condo-research).
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